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Adoptive parents may need to meet certain criteria

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Adoption

In Tennessee, a person who is at least 18 years old can adopt regardless of their relationship status. Those who are married may be allowed to adopt on their own if their spouse is not competent to do so. Stepparents may adopt a spouse’s child after getting married to the other parent. Furthermore, an individual is generally allowed to adopt a child regardless of his or her sexual orientation. However, some states allow sexual orientation to be considered as part of the adoption process.

Some states require that an individual who wishes to adopt be a resident of the state where the adoption is taking place. Depending on where the adoption takes place, a person may need to have lived in the state for up to one year prior to it occurring. Exceptions may be made for those who are adopting a child with special needs. A person is generally considered to live wherever his or her permanent residence is located.

Regardless of who wants to adopt a child or why, the best interests of the child will typically be the top priority. A court may ask to conduct both a home and background check as part of the approval process. This could help ensure that the adoptive parent is capable of providing a safe and stable environment for a child.

An attorney may be able to help someone who wishes to adopt a child. For example, legal counsel could help make sure that any necessary documents are completed fully and properly filed within a timely manner.

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