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How a prenup can help a relationship

For many Tennessee couples, the thought of creating a prenup is simply repellent. However, such a document can actually be an effective tool to bring a couple together. For those who have assets, a prenup could set up reasonable financial protection. By working together to create the document, couples can create their vision for the future before they get married.

Making use of a prenuptial agreement may serve to create boundaries in a relationship. It can also help to create a balance between those who may have differing levels of assets or financial resources. Married couples can learn to be loyal to their partnership as much as they are loyal to the family who raised them. By deciding how money and other resources will be used in a collaborative fashion, a hierarchy status in the relationship could be avoided.

For instance, those who have more money may feel like they have the power in the relationship. They could also feel as if their financial contributions give them the right to overlook any other issues that are part of the relationship. With a prenup, both partners will have equal access to money and power to make decisions within the marriage as needed.

Of course, a prenuptial agreement is effective in determining how to divide marital property in a divorce. However, it can also be used as a tool to help create harmony within a relationship. While there may be challenges as time goes on, it’s possible to create the framework to recognize and deal with issues in a civil manner. An attorney can be helpful in creating such agreements or reviewing them before they become binding.

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