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The benefits of a prenuptial agreement

A prenuptial agreement may provide many benefits for Tennessee residents who are planning on getting married. For instance, it may be possible to determine how assets will be divided during a divorce before a couple says their wedding vows. It may also help to make sure that a person doesn’t take on the debts of his or her spouse. It can even be used to decide how property will be handled if one person dies.

These days, most prenuptial agreements will be viewed as valid by a court. They are legal in all 50 states, and they can be valuable to all couples regardless of how much money they have. Of course, it is possible that a judge will declare a prenuptial agreement to be invalid. This may happen if terms are blatantly unfair or if one party was coerced into signing it.

Individuals may still have rights under the law even if they don’t get a prenup. For instance, a surviving spouse may inherit property from a deceased spouse. Those who have children from a previous marriage may benefit from having a prenuptial agreement as it may direct property to be transferred to a child instead of a spouse. Spouses may also be entitled to an ownership stake in any property acquired during a marriage.

A prenuptial agreement may an effective tool for making the divorce process easier. It may spell out who receives alimony, whether an asset is divided when a marriage ends and how debts are to be split. It may be advisable to have an attorney review a prenuptial agreement prior to signing it. Each party should have separate representation.

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