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Contentious divorce between Audrina Patridge, Corey Bohan

Tennessee fans of the TV personality Audrina Patridge may have heard about her split from the BMX biker Corey Bohan. Patridge was awarded custody of the couple’s 15-month-old daughter and of their dog. Bohan agreed to leave their home, but Patridge was ordered to pay him $35,000 for recent work on the home.

The two began dating in 2008 and married in 2016. The marriage only lasted 10 months, and the split has been a troubled one. On Sept. 18, Patridge filed a child abduction prevention order and a temporary restraining order against Bohan, and on Sept. 20, she filed for divorce. Sources say she filed the orders because she was afraid of how Bohan would respond to her divorce filing. There is an open domestic abuse case involving the couple that is scheduled to be heard in 2018. Bohan has denied Patridge’s allegations.

Bohan was granted visitation time with the child, but the exchange has to happen at a police station. Both parents were also required to register with a communication service known as Talking Parents that will keep a record of conversations between the two.

In a divorce, a parent who is concerned about the child’s safety with the other parent may want to go to court with these concerns. If abuse or neglect are at issue, evidence such as police reports may be helpful. Protections can be put in place to prevent international as well as domestic child abductions. The court usually takes the position that a child should have a relationship with both parents, but if that is not in the best interests of the child, it may decide otherwise.

Source: People, “Audrina Patridge Granted Full Custody of Daughter Kirra Max After Split from Corey Bohan“, Char Adams, Oct. 11, 2017

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