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Co-parenting with a toxic ex

Once their divorce is over, many Tennessee parents find that they will have to continue working with a toxic ex if they are co-parenting a child. Learning how to deal with a toxic co-parent can be difficult, especially if the ex was abusive, is an addict or behaves poorly towards the other parent and the child.

While dealing with a toxic co-parent can be difficult, there are certain things that can be done to make the situation less stressful. For example, a parent can identify and avoid the triggers that result in negative reactions. This gives the parent more control over how the ex will respond and can help reduce fear regarding unfavorable reactions. Parents can also limit communication with the ex to just the information needed to raise the child. Avoiding communication about other topics, including unfinished issues from the divorce, can help keep the situation less stressful for both the parent and the child.

Ultimately, the most important thing in the situation is to take care of the child. As long as parents keep the goal clear in their mind and avoid the other issues that could cause harm, parents may be able to more easily navigate the situation.

Going through the divorce process when there are children involved can be difficult for many parents, especially if they feel that the family is falling apart. However, a proper parenting plan can help give kids the stability they need during this stressful time. A family law attorney can negotiate a parenting plan with the other party that takes into account the children’s school schedule, extracurricular activities and holidays. The parenting plan may also lay out the children’s religious upbringing, medical care and other issues.

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