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Could shared parenting be the answer following a divorce?

For Tennessee parents, life after divorce can become complicated. In most cases, sole custody is awarded to the mother, leaving her with the bulk of the responsibility of bringing up the children. As a result, many divorced mothers have to sacrifice their career goals in the process. It can also be painful for the father, who ends up seeing his children only two weekends a month and sacrifices his bond with the children as a result. The children also suffer since they do not have time with both parents.

However, there is growing support for a different custody option after divorce: shared parenting. The main idea behind shared parenting is that the children will spend about equal time with both parents each month. This means that parents will continue being partners in raising their children. It’s an ideal arrangement for many children, who can continue their stable, strong relationships with both their parents and experience a more stable lifestyle.

The arrangement has additional advantages for life after divorce, particularly for mothers. In this type of arrangement, moms will have more time to dedicate toward furthering their career goals. The option also allows many women to join the workforce, which might be an impossibility for some when they are tasked with raising children mostly by themselves. Many countries, such as Sweden, have adopted this model, and some states, such as Kentucky and Missouri have legislation supporting it. Many more states have considered passing legislation supporting shared parenting as well.

Parents who are considering a divorce will also need to consider their custody options. Such parents might want to speak with a lawyer who can explain state laws regulating divorce and custody. An attorney could also guide a parent in choosing the best option for their situation.

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