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Actor Jesse William is experiencing child custody issues

TV fans in Tennessee may have heard that “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams and his wife Aryn Drake-Lee decided to split up earlier this year. Drake-Lee filed court documents on Aug. 11 asking for full custody of their two children.

Williams and real estate broker Drake-Lee were together for 13 years. They tried marriage counseling, but Williams moved out of the couple’s home in March 2017. Drake-Lee said that Williams was seldom around and did not spend much time with the kids. She believes the children are not a priority to Williams and claims that the actor has taken trips to various places under the guise of business.

Drake-Lee also seems to have issues with William’s lifestyle. She cites a road rage incident where Williams flipped off a driver, which led the motorist to pursue Williams and almost cause an accident. She also thinks Williams has too many sexual partners that the children should not be introduced to.

While his wife paints a picture of disinterest towards his children, Williams tells a different story. Court documents allege that the actor has made requests to spend more time with the children and have them sleep over at his house. He says that Drake-Lee denies more access to his children and only lets him spend about two and a half hours with them a day.

Stories like this show that there are two sides to every story in a divorce. Both parents may carry hurt feelings and anger toward a former spouse, but it’s important to try to focus on the best interests of children when going through a divorce. A lawyer could help a client through the child custody process.

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